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The Landesbühnen Sachsen - Saxony’s traveling repertory theater

The repertory theater of the German province of Saxony, the Landesbühnen Sachsen, is busy the whole year through, traveling far and wide to delight audiences with their special brand of the performing arts. Whether at home in Radebeul or in the numerous guest venues in Saxony and abroad, the theater offers a greatly varied program ranging from opera and operetta to musicals and concerts, as well as dramatic plays and ballet. The repertoire is of course well-balanced between classic and contemporary, including work premieres and popular favorites.

The theater troupe was formed back in 1945 and, in 1950, found its permanent home in the former Goldene Weintraube gastronomy/dance hall. Since then, numerous architectural additions have greatly improved the working and performing conditions. After a general renovation and massive reconstruction phase lasting a year and a half, the Landesbühnen Sachsen celebrated its grand reopening in October 2001. Situated directly on the main artery between Meißen and Dresden (Meißner St. 152), the modern structure with its protruding foyer of glass and steel is immediately recognizable for passers by. The central stage as well as the smaller studio stage of this new cultural center await curious theatergoers.

In the summer months, when most other theaters are taking their vacations, the Landesbühnen Sachsen are then taking their work outside! The theater troupe entertains audiences at the large, natural amphitheater (Felsenbühne Rathen) in the Sächsische Schweiz Sandstone Mountains, in the world famous Baroque palace courtyard Dresdner Zwinger, in Dresdens Parktheater or also at the old mill, Zschoner Mühle. Even there, under the motto Theater and Concert Summer, visitors can choose from a wide array of performances including ballet, opera, drama and concerts.

And of course, Radebeuls most famous native son, the novelist Karl May, is ever present in the Landesbühnen Sachsen’s summer repertoire...namely at the Felsenbühne in Rathen, where his western heroes Winnetou and Old Shatterhand come to life night for night.

A hearty welcome to you from the Landesbühnen Sachsen!

The Felsenbühne Rathen - Europe’s most beautiful outdoor amphitheater

At the Felsenbühne Rathen, Europe´s most attractive, natural outdoor amphitheater situated right in the heart of the national park known as "Saxony`s Switzerland" Mother Nature always gets top billing. The towering rock formations found in Rathen´s impressive "Wehl Gorge" make a most suiting and natural backdrop for the performances taking place here from May 10th to September 21st 2008. The Landesbühnen Sachsen (Saxony`s own traveling ensemble) will be once again bringing action, adventure, romance and beautiful music to this magnificent, sandstone theater.

Love, lust and treachery are the main themes on the stage itself, when Shakespeare`s "A Midsummer Night`s Dream" is performed, or when the melodic strains of Carl Millöcker`s Operette "The Beggar Student" waft through the summer air.

Carl Maria von Weber`s grand, romantic Masterpiece, the opera "Der Freischütz", combines musical elements depicting heaven and Hades, bridal bouquets and funeral wreaths: literally, the whole gamut of emotional experience so typically associated with the German Romantic Era. The brand-new staging of this work, including lavish and opulent effects and pyrotechnics, carries the artistic signature of operatic stage-director Horst O. Kupich. Interestingly enough, Weber`s opera was actually written in the wooded and mountainous landscape surrounding the city of Dresden, and the Landesbühnen Sachsen`s performances on the Felsenbühne Rathen promise to be an unforgettable, theatrical experience for opera fans.

The synopsis of this "German National Opera" is quite well-known, at least to European theater-goers:

The young huntsman Max is in dire straits. Not until he passes an age-old ritual, the "Probeschuss" (which includes perfectly hitting a designated target with only one trial shot), can he marry his beloved Agathe and be appointed Head-forester of the region. But his luck seems to have run out, because his bullet has missed even the simplest of marks lately. Or could some evil spell be causing his misfortune? Yearning to overcome the vicious circle of fear and failure in which he is entrapped, he easily falls prey to the sinister rival Kaspar. Deviously bound to the macabre "black hunter" Samiel, Kaspar convinces Max to meet him in the Wolves? Gorge at midnight; there they´ll cast magical "Freikugeln", bullets which never miss their mark but carry a deadly curse.

A day in Saxony`s Switzerland perhaps after a hiking adventure from Hockstein down through the Wolves Gorge, into the Polenz Valley and on towards Rathen is sure to be an unforgettable experience, particularly when rounded off with a visit to the Felsenbühne and a performance of Carl-Maria-von-Weber`s "Der Freischütz".

The expressive music and massive choral sounds of Carl Orff´s gigantic, symphonic work "Carmina Burana" weave a spell of sensuality and amorous delights. This annual favorite combines the forces of nearly 60 orchestra musicians and over 100 singers.

The sounds of horses galloping and wild shoot-outs ringing throughout the valley foretell of an entirely different kind of adventure: Western-Author Karl May`s fantasy figures Winnetou and Old Shatterhand are still in action and have been alive and well at the Felsenbühne Rathen since 1938. In the summer of 2007, the Western drama "The Treasure of Silver Lake" set a new milestone in the long tradition of performances patterned after Karl May`s Western tales and staged by director Olaf Hörbe. This year, Marc Schüztenhofer (Winnetou) and Holger Uwe Thews (Shatterhand) will be riding and fighting their way through a second season, portraying the legendary heroes so loved by German audiences.

Families and groups with children will certainly find the performances on the Felsenbühne Rathen enticing:

Alongside "The Treasure of Silver Lake" and the fairy tale "The Crimson Flower", they can also enjoy Reinhard Lakomy`s musical "The Rainbow", Humperdinck`s classic opera "Hänsel and Gretel", Astrid Lindgren´s tale "Ronja, the Robber´s Daughter" and Wilhelm Hauff´s story about "The Stone-Cold Heart". Indians, bandits, thieves, elves and monsters, as well as the rainbow-children will be sure to delight visitors young and old alike.

Whether hiking fans or opera buffs, western enthusiasts, love-birds or extended families: everyone`s sure to find a stage production to pique their interest. After a short hike through the woods and up the mountain trail, theater-goers are overwhelmed by the magnificent view and the symbiosis of Nature and Art which unfolds before their eyes - and all of this just 40 kilometers distance from the cultural city of Dresden.

(Handicapped persons may take advantage of the car service, which transports them up to the stage. Please place requests for this service in advance).

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Concerts-and more!? in the Dresden Palace Courtyard

In the summer months, the Landesbühnen Sachsen´s theater ensemble performs in Saxony´s most beautiful venues

During the summer months here in Saxony, one is most likely to encounter the artists of the Landesbühnen Sachsen, Saxony´s travelling repertory theatre, performing daily in the most exclusive outdoor venues the region has to offer. This professional, state-supported theatre troupe offers over 100 performances in such enticing surroundings as the Dresden Zwinger Palace Courtyard, the church ruins of Dresden´s Trinitatiskirche, the Dom Cathedral in Meissen, the castle gardens in Hermsdorf and the Hartenfels Palace Courtyard in Torgau - all under the motto "Concerts - and more!"in the Dresden Palace Courtyard.

Seasonal highlights of the 2007 season are the symphonic operetta and musical concerts Heiteres Sommerkonzert (under the Motto "Take Your Left Foot First" a musical journey through the world of dance and song) and the ballet serenades Tänzerische Serenaden (including "Casanova", "Short Stories" and "Papageno"). These performances feature the members of the opera ensemble as well as the Landesbühnen Sachsen`s ballet soloists accompanied by the Landesbühnen Orchestra, and are appropriately nestled amidst the baroque statues and sandstone pillars of the Dresden Zwinger Courtyard. Performances are scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm, so the dramatic play of light and shadow against the palace background enhances the aural experience.

If you´re more of a chamber music connoisseur, then the Chamber Nonett of Saxony Sächsisches Kammer-Nonett could pique your musical interest. This year´s program once again combines a popular concert repertoire with some lesser known, classical works in a chamber concert series presented in the regal marble hall Marmorsaal in the Dresden Zwinger. A particular delicacy for concert-goers this season is undoubtedly the chamber ensemble Serenata Saxonia, featured in concerts entitled "Baroque Springtime" and "Liebesfreud und Liebesleid". Fans of Baroque opera will definitely be enchanted by Pergolesi`s chamber piece for 3 soloists and small orchestra, "la serva padrona" ("Die Magd als Herrin")

The crowning touch to the summer season will be set when the ever-popular choral work "Carmina Burana" from Carl Orff is performed in the Dresdner Zwinger Courtyard, accompanied by a massive firework finale.

The grandeur of Saxony`s Baroque architecture combined with classical music and lively ballet - what a perfect way to end a stressful day of sightseeing and shopping in Dresden! Let your tired feet take you the few extra steps into the inviting atmosphere of the Dresden Zwinger, where a comfortable chair, a smiling face and a world of musical inspiration await you. Like a festive palace beneath a canopy of stars, what was once the royal playground of princes and kings now quietly beckons to music lovers and visitors from all over.

"The dancing waterfalls and fountains fell silent as the faint songs of a few birds, mingled with the muted din of the city, wafted from the trees surrounding the stone-enclosed courtyard. The musicians, upon entering this scenery and being warmly greeted by the audience`s applause, took their places in the central pavilion, bathed in a celestial, warm light. Suddenly, a single horn call sounded, and the silence was magically transformed" Just as the author Martin Raschke recalled in his memoirs back in the 1930`s, so have hundreds of thousands of visitors experienced the magic of the concerts in the Dresden Zwinger palace courtyard ever since.

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